Change management –
We shape your change.

Emerging from processes of change feeling stronger? Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of all those involved without letting go of the reins? It’s all possible! We accompany you on your very own trail. Because change management at ifok is tailor-made. We empower you to take control of the changes, steering them, setting up and implementing an effective process and accompanying it with precise communication.

To do that, we sometimes use tried and tested participation and communication methods, and sometimes innovative ones – whatever the situation calls for. Because the methods are a means to an end. We want to extend your focus for internal structures and processes. We want you to gain pioneering insights into your corporate culture. Last but not least, a common spirit is also important to us, characterised by open-mindedness, curiosity and courage. That enables a process of learning to take place which is supported by all the participants, and it anchors a new kind of collaboration firmly in your organisation. Your organisation is fortified from within – and that, in turn, also carries it successfully through the changes that lie ahead.

From team building to executive coaching

Our range of services in the field of ‘change management’ comprises:

  • team development
  • change communication
  • cultural development
  • organisational development
  • Work 4.0
  • accompanying digitalisation
  • team building
  • executive coaching
  • individual coaching
  • chaperoning processes of change

Change management in practice

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