Digitalisation is rewriting the rules of economy

Digitalisation is one of the core challenges facing our society in the 21st century. Familiar procedures need to be rethought – in the private sphere, in society and above all in the economy. Digitalisation is turning familiar value chains upside down and cross-linking humans and machines across borders. Novel services and digital products are being developed. The pioneers in this digital revolution score because they are flexible and ready to cooperate, and because they have the courage to rethink the rules of economy.

We bring Economy 4.0 to your enterprise  

We help you to be courageous and enter into new cooperations. Nowadays, highly complex products and services can often only be developed in a consortium of strong partnerships. More and more enterprises are involving their employees and their customers in the development of products. Sustainable action along the whole of the value chain is becoming a decisive competitive factor. Together with politics and society, this is a matter of configuring the framework conditions for Economy 4.0 flexibly and at the same time reliably. ifok accompanies that exchange on platforms and in digital multi-stakeholder networks – nationally and internationally. Take advantage of our experience for your enterprise. Together with you, we’ll find individual answers to questions such as: How can your enterprise remain innovative? How can your management keep up to date in the way it acts? What does Work 4.0 mean to your enterprise? Which partnerships will help you to move forward? And how can you establish sustainable value chains?

Your contact persons

Portrait Henning Banthien

Henning Banthien

Managing Director | Speaker of the Management Board

Phone+49 30 536077-14
Portrait Janina Henning

Janina Henning

Business Unit Manager | Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 

Phone+49 30 536077-58

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