Acceptance via participation  

When was the last time you used a road? The last time you plugged an appliance into the mains? The last time you got on a train? All of us use the infrastructure every day and take it for granted. Yet if that infrastructure is to be developed on their own doorstep, people are often troubled by worries and fears. If those worries and the people’s desire for comprehensive information are not taken seriously, there are bound to be conflicts.     

As we see it, the wild card here is participation  

We help you to actively integrate your stakeholder groups. Because each new project shows that when there is participation, planning is improved. Critical aspects come to light at an earlier stage. Existing conflicts of objectives become visible for everyone involved. Comprehensive, intelligible communication of the processes inspires those concerned, elucidates framework conditions and creates trust. That way, topics that cause conflict can be constructively identified, discussed, or even resolved. So what does this all require? Neutral moderation, experienced process consulting and a knowledge of exactly which method fits in with the questions you need to ask. ifok combines all that and provides stakeholder management too, from a single source. We know that each project is unique and calls for special consulting instead of just ‘copy and paste’.

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