Participation –
honest, transparent, results-oriented.

Do you aim to make well informed decisions, plan more efficiently and get everything up and running more quickly? Get your target group to participate! That way, you will develop results that are accepted. And you also learn to look beyond the end of your own nose … for genuine innovations.

No matter whether it’s a case of strategic guidelines, policy recommendations, innovative products or course variants for railway lines: you decide what the output should be, and we take care of the rest: we establish the facts together with the people involved. We show how much room there is in terms of design. We collate the relevant opinions and protagonists. And we bring the right people together. At major events, round tables, in simulation games or e-participation, we encourage people to discuss.

We highlight the essence of your results and show you where there has been agreement or disagreement. And we help you to adapt the recommendations that have been discussed. So that the result is effective in the long term – for you and everyone else involved.

Participation – from citizens’ conferences to e-participation

Our range of services in the field of ‘participation’ comprises:

  • citizen participation
  • dialogue concepts
  • on-line participation
  • stakeholder management
  • dialogue events
  • citizens’ dialogue
  • steering participation processes
  • citizens’ council
  • public integration
  • topic analysis
  • political compatibility
  • strategy
  • communication in close touch with the people
  • transparency
  • specialist workshops
  • Random selection of participants

Your contact person

Jacob Birkenhäger

Business Unit Manager | Deliberation, Open Government, Democracy

Phone+49 30 536077-45

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