Moderation –
stimulating, solution-oriented, neutral.

There’s a central theme running through the feedback we get from our events: mostly, it contains praise for our moderation. Why? Because we give all the participants room. Because everyone’s opinion is important to us. Because we act with political tact. Because we’re empathetic and dynamic – and above all because we work in a structured way to achieve results.

We feel just as much at home in journalistic moderation as we do as mediators in a conflicting atmosphere loaded with tension. As scrum masters and design thinking coaches we accompany agile processes. And on line we steer you adeptly through all the digital formats – from meetings and committee sessions to international conferences. Our experienced moderators always have expert knowledge, comprehensive methodical skills and a well thought out moderation concept, wherever they go.

Moderation – from facilitation to panel moderation  

Our range of services in the field of ‘moderation’ comprises:   

  • conflict moderation
  • moderation of large groups
  • panel discussion
  • accompanying design sprints
  • facilitation
  • mediation
  • accompanying agile processes
  • journalistic moderation
  • on-line moderation
  • event moderation
  • workshop moderation
  • chairing of discussions
  • on-stage moderation
  • round-the-table moderation
  • meetings and committees
  • conferences

Your contact persons

Portrait Ralf Eggert

Ralf Eggert

Member of the Management Board | Infrastructure and Strategy

Phone+49 6251 8263-134
Portrait Dr. Michael Wormer

Dr. Michael Wormer

Member of the Management Board | Sustainability and Society

Phone+49 6251 8263-200

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