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Sustainability is where we stand. Even if the term does sometimes seem hackneyed and bulky. Even if it does sometimes sound more like a coat of green paint than a genuine aspiration. Yet we are convinced: sustainability has never been so topical. Resilient urban and regional development must be oriented to the needs of the people in all areas of life, and it must enable us to lead a good, just life together and keep an eye on environmental issues at the same time. More and more enterprises are seeing responsible-minded value chains as a competitive advantage. They are looking for ways of anchoring sustainability targets in day-to-day business. Every day, digitalisation opens up new possibilities for sharing amenities, and at the same time the protection of data in both the private and the business setting is becoming more and more relevant. And since the Corona pandemic at the very latest, everyone has begun to talk about neighbourhood assistance and regional products. In short: the search for balance and equipoise between economic, ecological and social interests accompanies us from one day to the next. And the young generation in particular vehemently insists on sustainable development in all areas of life and work.

Our own sustainability label: ifok.ecofair

We also consistently take sustainability into account at our events. That is why we have developed the ifok.ecofair label, with which we highlight the sustainable planning and implementation of events. The label not only includes criteria for ecological sustainability, but also considers the triad of ecological, social and economic sustainability. In this way, ifok offers its customers the opportunity to demonstrate a sense of responsibility as a contribution to international climate protection goals and sustainable development, and to avoid and offset CO2 emissions.

We create new ideas from the combination of dialogue and sustainability

We support you and your organisation on the road to more sustainability: from the analysis of your current situation, via the integration of your stakeholders, to the joint elaboration of models, targets and concrete measures – you can build on our experience from 25 years of consultancy. We’re familiar with the special interactions and synergies in the cross-sectional field of sustainability, and we know how to deal with them. And true to the maxim ‘do good and talk about it’, we also accompany you in the communication of your measures – both internally and externally. With events and campaigns, your activities become things that can actually be experienced. And in interactive sustainability reports and communication materials we deliver information that is easily comprehensible to your target group.

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Portrait Dr. Michael Wormer

Dr. Michael Wormer

Member of the Management Board | Sustainability and Society

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