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We’re at the beginning of a long, hard road. The target: a greenhouse-gas-neutral society. The challenge: fundamental changes are becoming necessary in all areas of our life. We will live differently, build differently, produce differently and move about differently. Our behaviour as consumers will be completely different. To achieve that goal, all areas of society need to work together well. We need democratic methods to arrive at decisions. And we don’t mean just any old decisions – we mean the best possible decisions.

Change is challenging us as a society

ifok views the topic of climate protection through the spectacles of social transformation. And every transformation has four dimensions. As far as the technical and the economic dimension go there is already an active public discussion, and there are many professionals at work and many opinions. We supply processes and structures for the debate, seek out the common denominator and present accepted results. But little heed is paid to the cultural and institutional dimensions. How can we succeed in integrating civil society in the decisions politicians make? How can your enterprise stay innovative and competitive? And how can we motivate citizens to become part of a solution that involves the whole of society? Our answer: with participation, with transparency and above all with good communication.

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Portrait Martina Richwien

Martina Richwien

Member of the Management Board | Climate and Energy

Phone+49 30 536077-15

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