Energy moves the future

Without the energy revolution there can be no long-term climate protection – that much is clear. If we aim to take increasing advantage of renewable energies, we will be faced by completely new challenges – that is equally clear. For example, how does solar electricity get to our homes from the offshore wind farms in the North Sea? Or how, in the future, should solar electricity best be stored and made available? What opportunities does digitalisation offer? And how can we get the best mix out of old and new energy systems?

Participation as the fourth area of tension in the energy revolution 

Low environmental impact, affordability and possible supply technologies – those are the three areas of tension in the energy revolution. But in our opinion a fourth area is missing. One that centres around participation and acceptance by the citizens. So how do we address that area at ifok? With individual, regional participation and purposive communication.

Apart from that, we understand energy management as a sensitive system that yearns for balance. A balance that helps to produce new solutions, builds on what has already been created, saves resources and generates space for innovations. Does that sound impossible? We say this tightrope act can be successful: thanks to the wisdom of crowds, expert consultancy and clever strategy development.

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