Citizens’ Council Climate Stuttgart

The city of Stuttgart is implementing numerous measures now and in the near future to become climate neutral by 2035. The Bürgerrat Klima Stuttgart (Citizens’ Council Climate Stuttgart) discussed how the city community wishes to go about meeting this goal. The council consisted of 60 citizens. They met on six Saturdays between March and June 2023, during which they focused intensively on the key issues of heat and mobility and drew up recommendations for the Stuttgart City Council. Specifically, the question was what actions Stuttgart should take to establish a climate-neutral heat supply or climate-neutral mobility. The municipal council will discuss each recommendation and give reasons for which ones it will implement and which ones it will not.



Project overview

  • Partner :Kommunikationsbüro Ulmer GmbH
  • Client :City of Stuttgart
  • Duration :November 2022 until July 2023
  • Keyfacts :The Citizens’ Council was prompted by a successfil citizens’ initiative
  • 60 randomly selected citizens of Stuttgart
  • 6 day-long meetings of the Citizens’ Council in Stuttgart

ifok conceptualizes, moderates, and organizes the input of experts

ifok lead the coordination team and took the lead role in the preparation and overall design of the Citizens’ Council’s meetings. This includes program planning as well as the selection and briefing of speakers and fact checkers. In a so-called skills training, ifok prepared citizens for their role and work in the Citizens’ Council. This included questions such as “How do I listen actively?” or “How do I ask questions to the experts?” In addition, ifok took over parts of the main moderation and escortes group work during the event.

ifok services

Management of stakeholders and networks

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Event management

Goals of the Citzens’ Council

Develop recommendations and test assignments for the City Council: How can Stuttgart, in the view of the citizens, achieve climate neutrality in the mobility and heating sectors?

Enable balanced formation of opinions. This is achieved through a balanced mix of input from experts, stakeholder groups and fact checks.

Giving citizens sovereignty over the process: They can, for example, co-decide on stakeholder groups to be consulted and express change requests to the process at any time.

How the Citizens’ Council Climate Stuttgart works


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Explanatory video on how the Citizens’ Council Climate Stuttgart works. (German video)

Your contact persons

Julia Hoffmann

Managing Consultant | Climate and Energy

Phone+49 30 536077-74

Huy Tran-Karcher

Consultant | Climate and Energy

Phone+49 30 5360 77-17

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