No matter how stressful it gets, nothing can take away my sense of humor and my good mood.”

Julia Hoffmann

Why do you work at ifok?

Energy arises where there is friction. That’s why I find projects interesting in which things don’t go as planned or where there is a lot of conflict. Monotony and one-sidedness are not at all my thing. Variety and change motivate me and are part of my DNA. At ifok, I learn something new every day, because just like our projects, our customers are enormously diverse. At ifok, I can also combine my two professional passions: Climate protection and citizen participation – as most recently with the Citizens’ Climate Council.

Since when have you been working here and where were you previously?

Before joining ifok in 2018, I worked in Berlin as a project manager for climate protection and carbon offset projects in the Global South. I also already know the daily routine of consulting from my time as a junior consultant in the Guyanas, South America, where I worked to financially support renewable energy projects. I got my master’s degree in environmental and sustainability science at Lund University.

What drives you in your working life?

No matter how stressful it gets, nothing can take away my sense of humor and my good mood. I like to keep track of the big picture, but I can also find the last missing comma in a 300-page report. And if I have a question or need to exchange ideas, there is always someone in the ifok network who knows the answer or can give some advice.

What do you like doing in your free time?

Dance and movement are my passion: I like to dance to salsa or 80s music, play badminton or go hiking around Berlin.

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