“I am notorious for my increased sugar requirements.”

Portrait Simon Carmagnole
(c) ifok GmbH

Simon Carmagnole

What made you decide to work at ifok? 

Every day I feel as if I am at the heart of the action. Our topics and projects have great social relevance. For me, our slogan “We shape change” is not just a platitude, but an everyday reality. Sustainable development is associated with complex conflicting objectives and for me it is inconceivable without open negotiation processes. I am proud to help shape a sustainable society by designing and implementing such processes. 

How long have you been part of the ifok team and where were you before?

I have been working at ifok since 2017, currently as a senior consultant. After completing a dual training programme and studying, I worked at the EnergyAgency.NRW in the EnergyDialog.NRW team for four years. The intensive involvement with the expansion of wind energy on site finally prompted me to switch to ifok.

What sets you apart at the office? 

I’m probably notorious among my colleagues because of my cravings for sugar at work. Hence the nickname “Candy Simon”. Apart from that, I hope they appreciate my reliability and my listening ear.

Which three things can you not do without on your next long train journey? 

A perfect train ride is unthinkable without some time to myself. After that, the headphones come out. When reading and listening to music I need some sweets every now and then.

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