“What do I appreciate on vacation? A good pizza!”

Portrait Martin Wachter
(c) ifok GmbH

Martin Wachter

What made you decide to work at ifok? 

Every second day, I notice that participation works. No one is really thrilled about having new infrastructure in sight or within earshot, even when they understand the necessity of it. The question “why here?” and the demand that the negative effects be reduced are always there. When we succeed in answering the question through a transparent planning process and working together to find clever solutions to meet people’s demands, then I know that this work makes sense. And every second day I also have doubts that it’s working.

When did you start at ifok and where were you beforehand? 

I was at the Universities of Trier and Heidelberg and prior to that in the deepest Westerwald. During my studies I got work experience through internships at an industry association, communications consultancy and ifok. I was especially enthusiastic about working at ifok. After finishing my Master’s in Heidelberg in 2016, I applied to ifok and was offered a position. 

What sets you apart at the office?

I asked my colleague to answer this question for me: „Martin is extremely good at putting complicated topics in a nutshell, has smart ideas and a subtle sense of humor. Also, he can knock back 500g of yoghurt every lunchtime – impressive”. 

What three things can’t you do without on your next vacation? 

. Ah, this is easy – a good pizza. That’s why you will find me at least every two years in what’s probably the most beautiful country in the world – Italy.

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