“It’s just a pleasure to work with so many smart and passionate people.”

Portrait Kathrin Bimesdörfer
(c) ifok GmbH

Kathrin Bimesdörfer

Why are you working at ifok of all places?  

ifok works on the most conplex topics of our time, such as digital transformation in business and society, modernization of the public sector and democratic governance. New technologies and (social) innovations can massively drive sustainable development. I am convinced that we can only solve today’s challenges together. ifok creates platforms, enables and structures discourse, and builds new collaborations for implementation. We work with clients at eye level, as sparring partners and enablers, from strategy planning to cooperation management, from co-creation labs to citizens’ assemblies. Our team is interdisciplinary – it’s a pleasure to work with so many smart and passionate people.

When did you join the ifok team and where did people find you before? 

I’ve been with ifok since 2010 and it’s never been boring. Since joining the Cadmus Group, I’ve also been part of the American management team, building bridges between Washington D.C. and Berlin. During the first years of my life, I spend a lot of time in the Palatinate Forest, and my closeness to nature and a certain down-to-earth attitude remain to this day. The following decade, I focused on international experiences – from studying abroad in France, to consulting work at GIZ in China and Laos in the area of private sector development, to graduate studies at the Harvard Kennedy School.

What makes you tick in your working life? 

Breaking new ground. This is only possible in a team, with good tools and learning as a basic attitude. Clients and colleagues say about me that I have an eye for trends and developments, drive innovation with pragmatism and radiate a lot of enthusiasm. I like to connect dots and enable teams to develop and implement projects. At ifok, I always try to point my teams to potentials and encourage initiative.

What do you do in your spare time? 

My family and circle of friends are international, so curiosity about the diversity of views, culture and lifestyles is a constant companion. Admittedly, I am also a political animal and continue to enjoy time in the woods.

What three things can’t be missing on your next long train ride?

Silence (headphones), inspiration and a writing utensil to note down any ideas right away.

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