“My colleagues know they can count on me 100%”

Julia Jonas

Why do you work at ifok?

ifok and I came together during an extraordinary phase in my life. I had quit my job and had just moved to Bensheim. My wish list for my next employer included: appreciation, development opportunities and relevance. I had already planned for commuting in the Rhine-Main-Neckar region. Then everything happened very quickly: Internet research on sustainability, speculative application. My dream became reality – at my new place of residence on the idyllic Bergstrasse. My balance after 3.5 years: At ifok, project management in consulting, part-time and home office has become a reality for me. The flexible framework and the trust in my work form the basis for me to reconcile my professional ambitions with my responsibility as a mother. That’s a great feeling. I am infinitely grateful for that – every day!

Since when have you been working here and where were you previously?

I’ve been part of ifok’s communications team since January 2018. I already noticed how much I enjoy consulting during my training as a travel agent. After my business studies with a focus on marketing, I worked in an international communications consultancy for clients from the tourism and IT industries in Frankfurt and Munich. After that, my path led me to Leipzig, and I was able to work on the conception and implementation of educational programs to promote early childhood development as part of CSR programs. At ifok, I can now wonderfully combine all my competencies – the puzzle pieces of my stations fit together to form the big whole.

What drives you in your working life?

I find it very enriching to work in different areas and in different teams under the umbrella of sustainability. It helps me to approach my work with openness. I’m also a big fan of self-reflection. For me, it’s the joint good result that counts. My colleagues know that they can count on me 100%. When a big milestone is reached, we like to pop a cork – even if it’s only virtual at the moment. Our TdNH 2020 record has not been forgotten – we’ll definitely make up for it 😉

What do you like doing in your free time?

Yellow bell pepper soup, beet smoothie or green sauce – I’m passionate about trying out new recipes. The more colorful the better! In the process, the list of my favorite recipes gets longer and longer … I enjoy preparing them at least as much as I enjoy eating them in company. It’s time to get back to the office. I don’t want to eat the next plum cake alone in the home office. My 2021 summer highlight: pink rhubarb tart with almond Florentine crust. The clue: laying the pattern has a meditative side effect. First an eye-catcher, then a treat for the palate.

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