Portrait Dr. Michael Litterer
(c) Dr. Michael Litterer

Dr. Michael Litterer

Dr. Michael Litterer began his professional career in the central legal department of BASF AG in 1980, and from 1986 to 1990 he headed the planning and country development of the Group in the Europe North and France/Benelux country divisions. In 1990 he joined the family-owned Litterer Group Mannheim, one of the leading providers of corrosion protection services in Germany, as managing partner. Since the sale of the group’s operating activities in 2002, he has been managing partner of Franz Litterer GmbH & Co KG and other companies that act as holding companies for corporate investments and industrial plants. He is Chairman of the ifok Advisory Board and holds other supervisory and advisory board mandates, including in the IT services and ancillary building trades sectors.

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