“I find a lot of things exciting and like diving into new topics – that’s perfect for working at ifok.”

Foto/s: wwwMarcFippel.de

Dr. Fabian Schroth

What made you decide to work at ifok?

At ifok, I can be close to decisions and the implementation of projects. Be it at municipal, state or federal level: at ifok I am directly involved in bringing the mobility transition “on the road”. This can only succeed if many actors pull together, if they exchange ideas, and if they do so for the long term. I am motivated by facilitating this exchange and shaping its processes so that in the end there is a mobility turnaround for everyone.

How long have you been at ifok and where were you before?

I have been part of the mobility team at ifok in Berlin since 2022. Before that, I was at Fraunhofer IAO, where I researched regional innovation hubs. I did my doctorate at TU Berlin on experiments in international climate policy.

What sets you apart at the office?

I find a lot of things exciting and like to dive into new topics – ideal for working at ifok! The projects and activities here are as diverse as the teams you work with and also the challenges we tackle. And whoever works with me usually hears an optimistic “we’ll get it done” – and we do.

How do you try to life a sustainable life?

I have been trying for years to motivate myself to get a driving licence – without success! So I continue to cycle or take the train and wait for autonomous cars to be ready for the market at some point so that I can drive without a licence.

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