“I can’t ‘sit still’ for long – and I don’t have to at ifok either.”

Portrait Yvette Richter
(c) ifok GmbH

Yvette Richter

What made you decide to work at ifok?

For me, ifok was a huge opportunity from day one. As a career changer, being able to turn my penchant for communication into a career was something that really excited me. And it still inspires me today. Trendsetting topics, great people, flexible work, plenty of room for creativity and great opportunities for personal development – that’s what ifok is for me. And all this convinces me again and again that I am in the right place.

How long have you been part of the ifok team and where have you been encountered before?

What is a hot film air flow mass meter? And how does it work with Ohm’s law again? Granted: The answers to these questions are no longer part of my professional life. But they used to be: Before I started at ifok in 2003, I worked as a team leader at BOSCH and as an instructor I taught young people about Ohm’s Law. 

What sets you apart at the office?

I can’t sit still for long – and I don’t have to at ifok. Every day holds small and big challenges, there is always something to tackle. That’s exactly what I enjoy doing. Long-standing colleagues claim that they can tell by the sound of my footsteps when I walk past their office door. I take that as a compliment. Because it is important to me to radiate energy and motivation.

What do you like doing in your free time?

In my free time I enjoy the beautiful Odenwald – preferably in running gear and with my two four-legged friends. Have I already mentioned that I can hardly “sit still”? 😉 

In what way do you live sustainably? 

I think the many small things are important, where everyone can make a difference. When shopping, consciously reaching for regional and seasonal vegetables, heating the house sensibly, giving the dog from the animal welfare organisation a nice home or participating in the “Share & Save” of food.

Which three things should not be missing on your next long train journey?

My laptop, including a charging cable (!), a delicious power bar and my mobile phone for the latest American football news.

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