“It never gets boring at ifok.”

Philipp Gassner

Why are you working at ifok?

There’s a fire in every corner. Sustainability challenges everywhere. There are many smart solutions from many smart people. But often they don’t come together. What’s missing is a common language. The meeting place. This is where we come in. For me, ifok fills a niche that has all too often remained empty: formats, methodology and expertise for dialogue, encounter, participation.

Since when have you beetn working here and where were you previously?

I have been on board since 2018. That’s when I just returned from a good three years in the South Pacific. There, I worked for the GIZ in a marine conservation project. I originally come from an environmental science background but have become increasingly interested in the political and communication challenges of sustainable development: At the UN, in consulting and in NGOs. I have worked in Tübingen, Finland, Venezuela, Cambridge, the Philippines, and Freiburg.

What drives you in your working life?

The mixture makes the difference. There is never a dull moment at ifok. In the morning we talk about the 4th industrial revolution, in the lunch break about the latest dialog methods, and in the afternoon about cargo bikes in Baden-Württemberg. I forget about time and space when things get really creative: New infographic, advertising copy or podcast series? Better call Phil!

What do you like doing in your free time?

I’ve been doing travelling a lot. In doing so, I learned that good things are so close. And that land travel allows you to savor every moment of the journey. That’s why I’m currently building a houseboat at Müggelsee and traveling Europe by train.

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