“I am particularly excited by finding custom-tailored solutions to complex challenges”

Dr. Özgür Yildiz

Why do you work at ifok?

Actively shaping the sustainable transformation of our society and involving all stakeholders is essential for a successful transformation process, and ifok is right in the thick of this with its projects. Additionally, the cooperation with CADMUS offers the opportunity to transfer experiences and ideas from Germany to other countries.

Since when have you been working here and where were you previously?

I have been with ifok since October 2021. Before that, I spent almost six years in various positions in strategy and management consulting and five years as a project manager at the Technical University of Berlin where I also completed my doctorate on the topics of financial citizen participation in the energy sector, behavioral economics, and environmental and energy policy.

What drives you in your working life?

I am particularly excited by working together with customers to find custom-fit solutions for a wide variety of complex challenges. The greater the challenge, the more fun it is to work together and solve the task. What I enjoy most is moderating stakeholder meetings where often very conflicting positions clash at the beginning and then a consensus is reached through objectification and the identification of shared added values. This calmness and objectivity, coupled with a lot of humor, also characterizes me personally and helps to solve the most complex tasks and situations.

What three things can’t you do without on vacation?

I definitely will need a bathing suit for my next vacation, because we almost always go for a beach holiday. Comfortable shoes are also important because we like to explore our destination by foot. A small suitcase with Legos must also be there for the children.

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