“Without my mountaineering equipment, I can’t go on vacation.”

Portrait Arne Spieker
(c) ifok GmbH

Dr. Arne Spieker

What made you decide to work at ifok?  

The combination of variety, meaningfulness and political relevance is certainly unique here. With our infrastructure projects, we are right in the middle of the big issues of our time – energy transition, security of supply and sustainable mobility being just a few examples. From the development of strategy papers and the creative communication of complex topics to the moderation of round tables and workshops – the range of tasks is wide. In our projects, we encounter people of all stripes, from concerned allotment gardeners to ministers. It’s rarely boring. And the team is top-notch; very committed, open and cordial colleagues.

How long have you been part of the ifok team and where were you before? 

I started as a Fellow at ifok in 2011, after a short stint as a research assistant in research projects on Stuttgart21 at the University of Hohenheim. I actually trained as a freight forwarder and then started studying communications via a second-chance education.

What sets you apart at the office?   

We gain our strength from our work as a team. It is important to me to support each individual in finding a role in which they can contribute their individual strengths in the best possible way. Apart from that, I like to look at the dynamics of public decision-making and how we can adapt our projects, which are often in the public eye, to them. And I appreciate efficient decision-making processes.

What do you do in your spare time?    

I love the mountains – be it as a climber, mountaineer, tourer and paraglider pilot.

What do you do particularly sustainably? 

I avoid flying or driving. I make many journeys by train, bike or on foot. As a city dweller, I manage to do this without losing any significant time.

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