European Citizens’ Panels of the European Commission

Following the Conference on the Future of Europe, the European Commission decided to use the successfully piloted European Citizens’ Panels for its own policy-making on key projects. Against this background, ifok, together with its European partners Missions Publiques, the Danish Board of Technology and deliberativa, designed the first three European Citizens’ Panels on “Food Waste“, “Virtual Worlds” and “Learning Mobility“. Each panel brings together 150 randomly selected citizens from across the EU. In three weekend meetings (2 analogue meetings in Brussels and 1 virtual meeting), recommendations for concrete legislative initiatives and projects of the European Commission are developed.



Project overview

  • Partner :Missions Publiques, Danish Board of Technology Foundation, deliberativa, Kantar, VO Europe
  • Duration :November 2022 – June 2023
  • Keyfacts :Three European Citizens’ Panels on “Food Waste”, “Virtual Worlds” and “Learning Mobility”, each with 150 randomly selected citizens from across the EU 
  • Three fully interpreted sessions, two on-site in Brussels and one virtual online session
  • Pilot project of the European Commission, which should lead to the regular involvement of transnational Citizens’ Panels in the EU policymaking process 

ifok shapes the future of citizen engagement in the EU 

Together with the responsible Directorates-General, ifok and its partners are responsible for all steps of this process: from conception, implementation and moderation to documentation and processing of the results. With this innovative democracy project at the EU level, we are setting standards for the future involvement of citizens in European policymaking. This is particularly relevant, since Commission President Ursula von der Leyen wants the transnational Citizens’ Panels to become an integral feature of the EU’s democratic life. 

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Our successes

150 randomly selected citizens from all over the EU participate in three Citizens’ Panels, both onsite in Brussels and online. 

Special methods and tools for multilingual deliberation are applied and further developed.

For the first time, the results of Citizens’ Panels are directly incorporated into the design of concrete EU policy proposals.


Your contact persons

Dr. Constantin Schäfer

Managing Consultant | Deliberation, Open Government and Democracy in Europe

Phone+49 6251 8263-192

Richard Steinberg

Consultant | Deliberation, Open Government, Democracy

Phone+49 30 5360 77-16

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