“merry wintercycling”

Manuel Kern, Senior Consultant Communication and Campaigns

It’s cold outside, it’s snowing and it feels like we only have three hours of sunshine a day. Why is winter cycling a good idea regardless?

Too cold, too wet, too dark – in winter we can think of all sorts of reasons to stay on the couch instead of cycling or running. But: we always feel better after exercise out in the fresh air! It doesn’t have to be a lengthy bike trip – even a short walk during the day helps us to soak up some light and counteract the gingerbread and mulled wine with some exercise.

As project leader of RadKULTUR, you have to convince people to cycle. How do you do that, and what makes it interesting for you?

Changing behavior and habits is a rather complex process – we all know that. More sport, lower stress levels, a better diet – in theory, we know what’s good for us. But how do we actually achieve change? It is precisely this complexity that I find exciting. We try to create positive cycling experiences for people through communication, but above all through interactive events such as the PendlerBrezel (where we gave away free pretzels to people who commuted by bike) or RadKULTUR days with different activities. Being able to experience the benefits for yourself and to then stick with it beats any compelling reasoning.

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