The rituals of our HR team

Extensive cooking sessions, fierce games of Settlers of Catan and winter hikes: Many of us have our own special rituals for the the winter season. As the year draws to a close, our colleagues in the HR team have shared their favorite traditions with us.

“I like to try out a new type of cookie every year. On the menu this year: coconut kisses (also known as coconut macaroons).”

Samira Fischer

“I write down my personal highlights of the year in a quiet moment with a cup of tea. That way I can flick through them at any time and keep the fond memories alive.”

Eva Ritgen

“New Year’s Eve is our traditional end-of-year game night. We fiercely play Wizard, Pictures or Settlers of Catan. This affects the family peace only briefly and everyone starts the new year in a good mood.”

Heidi Münch

“Cooking on Christmas Eve is the best way to calm me down. I get up, put on a Christmas playlist and start my cooking session. There’s something meditative about this process and what makes me happiest is that I can do something good for my loved ones.”

Sina Becht

“For me, it always includes a hike up the Melibokus, a mountain in the Odenwald, including a stop for lentil soup with sausages.”

Martina Goddard
Portrait Martina Goddard

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