“merry celebratingsuccess”

Simon Carmagnole, Business Unit Manager Energy, Climate, Infrastructure
Portrait Simon Carmagnole

How important is it to you to celebrate personal and professional successes? Do you have a ritual or do you enjoy it in quietly?

Unfortunately, we rarely celebrate the many small successes in our hectic working lives. I’ve made a habit of always taking a quiet look at the past few days at the end of the week and realizing what we’ve achieved. I then celebrate these successes quietly, without any big rituals.

What major or minor successes did you celebrate in your business unit in 2023?

Right at the start of the year, we won two of our major state programs again, in Bavaria (Windkümmerer Unterfranken) and in Baden-Württemberg (Forum Energiedialog). This was the foundation for a very successful year in which we were able to acquire new customers, take on new strategic challenges and consistently tap into new issues. We didn’t have that one big hit. But at the end of the year, I have a good feeling that we are in a great position as a team and will be able to tackle the many challenges next year.

What rituals are part of the winter season for you?

Before my son was born three years ago, the whole Advent season often just passed me by. Thanks to his shining eyes, many festive days such as St. Martin’s or St. Nicholas have taken on a completely different meaning for me. As a result, I now have a greater appreciation for the magic of this time of year.

Something I never miss out on in winter: my traditional kale dinner followed by a whisky tasting with old friends from my university days in northern Germany.

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