Apply now: The ifok Innovation Award 2020


  • Wanted: Ideas that change the world
  • Who can participate? Young people under 30
  • Prize: Prize money of 5,000 €
  • Deadline: 1st of November 2020

You are studying, doing an apprenticeship or have recently started working life as a young professional? Do you have a concrete idea in mind that can make a big difference? Do you want to make the world a little bit better? Then our innovation competition is just right for you! We’ll give your idea a jump start and help you get it off the ground. We know how important that is. After all, ifok itself was born from such an idea 25 years ago.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to change something in your immediate environment, focus on certain people or have the whole society in mind. The main aspect is that your idea is concrete and can actually be implemented. Also important: Your idea tackles relevant challenges of our time. For example, it could offer new solutions for sustainable mobility, climate, species and environmental protection, digitization or the current pandemic situation.
But it could also break new ground in direct democracy and make it easier for people to interact with each other online or offline. Or it could motivate people to actively participate in the challenges of our time, tackle certain issues and strengthen cohesion in our society.

That was too much at once? Let’s go over it again in one sentence: Your idea should be concrete and feasible, and it should address current challenges – in other words, make today’s world a little bit better.

What’s in for you?

Of course the prize money of 5,000 euros😉. Additionally, we also invite all nominees to a training program for young professionals in our ifok Academy. And, of course, we are happy to support you in realizing your idea!

A jury will decide on the winners.

Innovation Award: the evaluation criteria

  • Does the idea address a current challenge of our society?
  • Does the idea grasp the complexity of the challenge and concretely contribute to the solution?
  • How innovative is the idea?
  • Can the idea be implemented directly?
  • How well does the idea use existing structures, networks and processes? Or does it create new, more efficient structures and processes?

Does all this sound great to you? You want to start right away? Great! Participating is easy: Just fill out the form below and answer as many of the questions as possible: done. The more you tell us about your idea, the better we can judge it. The questions marked with a * are mandatory.

Deadline: 1st of November 2020

Thank you for applying! We are curious about your idea and wish good luck!

Questions? Get in contact!

Sandra Naujoks

Consultant | Communication

Phone+49 6251 8263129

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